Pilot Roster

The Dragonfly Pilot roster

The Dragonflies, by nature of what we do, tend to be an eclectic bunch.  Here is a quick gathered list of “Who’s who.”

CJ – The head honcho and creator of the Dragonflies, CJ  is based out of the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest.  However, he is occasionally out on assignment for the occasional corporation or group that use the Dragonflies services.   He flies anything with wings or a rotor and has an odd ability to get into trouble in the weirdest possible way.

“Cal” Hopkins – Older friend of CJ’s who’s a retired pilot but takes care of the logistics of the Dragonfly Den in the Midwest.   He flies occasionally but only fixed wing.  Is never too far from 07I either working the phone, organizing shipments or, if he can, fishing.

Duffy – Flies out of WA35, Clam Harbor with assignments there and in the general area.  Duffy is generally laid-back, middle-aged fellow that enjoys being alone and is known to chuck cans at anyone that interrupts his paperback reading and/or naps.

Pixie – Currently stationed in the Midwest and the Dragonfly Nest at 07I, Lake Monroe.  She loves her helicopters but is also good with smaller amphibian planes. Pixie is opinionated, 5’5”, wears pink hair and tattoos and hates the winter.  She’s known for flying off for weeks/months on end on either various assignments or just… because.  She’s good with the customers but don’t get on her bad side!  Pixie is currently the main pilot for the midwestern branch of Heron Investigations.

Bear –  It’s always good to have a medic on the team and Bear does like to take care of her hoverbugs.  Bear tends to fly the classics and prefers the big growls of a DC-3.  She specializes in medical and patient runs and is very handy to have around for some of the more “creative” assignments.  She enjoys a good hockey game whenever she can find one.  She’s currently stationed on the West coast but is constantly on the move flying her cross-country assignments for the group.

Raider – After an extended bit of time in Norway exploring his viking ancestry, Raider headed back home to the States and typically flies heavy assignments for Dragonfly.  Due to his long flights, we never really know, from Oregon, to New York, to Mexico, where Raider might be landing.



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