Heron Investigations


Heron Research is an independently funded research and investigative team focused not only on the combination of the natural world and history but myth and the unknown.  We work with experts in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, biology, psychology, sociology and others to look into field cases around the globe.  In order to keep costs and environmental impact down we strive to use our own wheeled vehicles to transport researchers.  However, as we are often urgently called into remote, hard to reach areas for our work, we are happy to be partnering with Dragonfly Exploration who will be supplying us with professional transportation to these locales.

Below is a listing of the jobs Dragonfly have performed for Heron to date.

  • 6/10/16 – A Bell 412 was chartered to take a team of two Heron researchers to a small area west of a Martinsville, IN farm following reports of an unusual find in a nearby gravel/stone pit near the White River.  Due to recent rains and it’s proximity to the river, roads and fields to the area were unable to be crossed with vehicles carrying needed equipment.  Team members were dropped off in the early morning hours and are currently still in the field.  The chartered 412 was returned to the main headquarters at 07I.