We Are Still Buzzing

412CockpitJust a quick note that Dragonfly is still up and running!  I’ve not posted here in a long, long time but over on FSE there’s been a bunch of activity.  Mainly, I’ve been focused on Dragonfly’s little base at Clam Harbor in the San Juan Isles as well as re-arranging the micro-fleet of vehicles a little better.

My plan is to re-think how I want to do things here with the blog and then get back to posting updates, screenshots and maybe some fiction.  We’ll see how it all goes.  I also would like, in the near future, to open the group up for some folks to join.  More on that soon, I hope!




Wearing the Colors

Just thought I’d put up a quick screenshot of the custom Dragonfly Exploration livery.  Right now, all we have painted is CJ’s Bell 206.   In time, we’ll get some of the others dressed up in something fancy!

The paint job is referenced from the Green Darner dragonfly which happens to be one of the most prolific in North America and the official state insect for the State of Washington.