Dragonflies exist on every continent and have been around for over 300 million years.  Mythology around them has existed since the dawn of written civilization.  They are agile flyers that live in and around water.  They can be found in the most rugged and remote backwater area or in the small pond of a big city.Emperor-Dragonfly-(8)Dragonfly Exploration Cargo and Charter is a small scale virtual flying service which features personal and, if necessary, discreet bush flight services internationally.  We are a dedicated team of pilots willing to work with anyone needing flights into and out of not only the wildest terrain but also the most populated urban jungles.  From remotes airstrips in South America to landing at a lake’s edge near a city, our amphibious planes or helicopters can get you there quickly and efficiently.  We also work with heavy cargo and work tirelessly with medical professionals to make sure medical supplies, charity support and patients get where they need to go regardless of the departure or destination.

In regards to conventional bases, we are growing slowly and have a few hubs in small, out of the way areas.  Standing true to our name, our main base and headquarters is located in the rolling backwoods near Bloomington, Indiana at Lake Monroe (07I) where, in the summer, the dragonflies are thick.  We have another base in the San Juan Islands at Clam Harbor, Washington (WA35).  We’re also located in Upper Michigan and we’re proud to announce our first International base (old shack?) near Prestwick, Scotland.

However, we are not confined to set locations.  Matter of fact, we prefer not to be!  Our pilots are spread over the globe and can be contacted to book your flight.  Regardless of where you may be standing, we can get a Dragonfly to you!  Are you a pilot yourself with a newly purchased vehicle in an out of the way place?  We can also get your aircraft to you with our international ferry flight service!


We are a loose confederation of pilots and crew who love to explore the world and fly.  No matter what you may need, contact us to see if we can help you out!  No job is too big, no run is too small.


What is Dragonfly Exploration?

Dragonfly Exploration is a virtual flight group within the world of FSEconomy.  It’s a creative experiment on my end to create a fictional group of bush pilots scattered all over the world performing various flights and operations.  The group is made up various characters of my own design and that echo my different interests in flying and exploring the world.  The main focus on DE flights is to use small bush planes and helicopters to go to out of the way places.  A few runs might take me to the bigger cities but that’s the cost of running an International flight group.

Most posts will be PIREPs that offer screenies and an overview of the flights.  There will be some updates and, possibly, some fiction down the road.  I’ll also be putting up some of the more fun assignments that I create along the way.

I use Flight Simulator X – Steam Edition to fly the flights.

At this time the group consists of just myself but I will be opening it up to other FSEconomy players as I feel more confident with running a multi-player group.

Hope you enjoy it and if you are on FSE and are interested in being notified when I open up the group, you can send a PM on the forum board to Yoteden.



The stories, characters and concepts of Dragonfly Exploration are covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.  

Creative Commons License

Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition and all screenshots are property of Microsoft / Dovetail Studios.


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