Nearly a year later and Dragonfly is still very much in action.  Our growth has been small but very steady.


Some quick updates:

  • Smokey, our Bell 412, made it up to the San Juan Islands and is currently stationed out of WA35, Clam Harbor with it’s sister our original Bell 206B.
  • We have two more FBOs at larger airports.
    • One is 50D near Iron Mountain, Wisconsin.  This serves clients in the northern Wisconsin area as well as serving as a direct line to 0MI5 in Houghton/Hancock in the U.P.
    • The other is 8U8 in Townsend, Montana.  From here we are able to get clients into and out of the nearby mountainous regions or just get them home to Helena, Billings, etc.
  • Dragonfly Exploration has partnered up with a nearby Civil Air Patrol unit and given them a gate at 8U8.  We regularly fly CAP missions for the group as needed with rental aircraft.
  • We’ve recently partnered with Heron Investigations.  Heron will be housed out of what originally was the Dragonfly Nest based at Lake Monroe, Indiana.  The central, Midwestern location benefits Heron’s work and Dragonfly pilots will be flying investigative teams wherever they may need to go.  Another gate at 8U8 has been leased to them as well.  We here at Dragonfly are pretty happy to be assisting Heron Investigations with their ground breaking and adventurous work.  For more on Heron Investigations be sure to check out their upcoming page on this site.
  • CJ is pretty stoked about the recent find of a beautiful Grumman Goose in Hawaii.  With the Grumman being one of his favorite planes, he personally flew down to the Paradise state to inspect her and, eventually, purchase her.  She’s the newest addition to our fleet and CJ couldn’t be happier.  He’s personally overseen her shipping from Lanai, Hawaii to Long Beach, California and will be flying her in a few days on an assignment with Heron Investigations.
  • We were able to pick up a very special Cessna 172 parked west of London about a month ago.  The 172 will be taking part in a special event in the next few weeks.  Until then, its on the ramp there for a dragonfly to use if needed.
  • We continue to have Dragonfly pilots flying bush flights all around the world.

There’s more to come.  As we get our feet underneath us after a very busy year.  Thanks for following along!


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