The New 412

In August, a respected client notified Dragonfly Exploration of a nearly mint Bell 412 that had been stored in a hanger in northern Washington State near the Canadian border at WA63.  After flying out from the San Juan’s to have a look, CJ found the copter to be in excellent condition. After a brief test flight he purchased the Bell immediately and her first shakedown flight was a few miles south to R49 in Ferry county.

Intense wildfires were active in the area and CJ opted to stay in the area to see what help could be given with the 412.   He didn’t have to wait long as a client contacted him regarding an immediate medical flight to the south and into Oregon.  A team of about 4 firefighters, some exhausted, and 2 medics were being sent back to their base near the Columbia River with supplies.   Another fire was burning in that area and they were needed there.

Of course, CJ agreed and within a day, the 412 was on her initial assignment flying through the mountains and the smoke and haze of the nearby fires.  Due to her current paint job and the assignment, CJ dubbed her “Smokey.”

Smokey 01

CJ  followed WA-21 southward and skirted the edge of the North Star fire burning heavily along the whole area.  The passengers were quiet as they studied the smoke and the fire line.  CJ was asked to radio an update to the North Star fire HQ but otherwise the flight was uneventful with a clear day and gentle winds.  CJ eased Smokey down at R49 and stretched his legs a bit.

He was happy to report that Smokey had performed solidly the whole flight.

Smokey 02

While Duffy and a few others handled things up in the San Juan, CJ let us know that he’d be staying in the area to pick up more runs and to rub the rest of the dust off Smokey.  His plans were to head west to Portland, see a friend and make a few runs in the area before bringing Smokey home to WA35.


2 thoughts on “The New 412

  1. Nice little story you have going there this is one blog i will be following for a long time . I would like to do something much the same myself , are you running FS2004 ! I have FSX and FS9 and still use FS9 a lot. Anyway Nice story line going there so keep it up , will be back soon.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Iveco – Thanks for commenting and the warm compliments! I’m currently running FSX:Steam edition. More to come as I get time to fly and build some more posts around the screenshots I have! Enjoy the blog!


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