Hello and welcome to the internet home of Dragonfly Exploration!

Dragonfly Exploration has been around and active for a few months but the crew’s been so busy getting everything started and squared away, I just didn’t have time for the blog.  Now we do and here we are!

We’ve got two spots we’re calling home right now.  One is up in the San Juan Isles where CJ, the boss, set up shop in a little place called Clam Harbor, WA35.  He’s a wandering fool but he’s fond of the land up there and, hey, he’s the boss.   He’s been working on a small network up there, helping folks get themselves around the islands and the mainland.

The other is our first location, Lake Monroe, or, The Nest,  in the good ol’ Midwest; 07I.   I’m still not sure why the Boss picked here but he said it was important.  Given the wide range of folks that we cater to here I guess he was right.  We also have a quiet little river (seaplane) base in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   Again, I’m not sure why CJ bought it but, hey, he’s the one with the cash.


What are we going to do here?  Well, we figured we’d post up pics and stories, keep you updated on our successes and let you follow along on the fun.  We have quite a few clients that like to use our services but where necessary we may have to leave their names out of the official record.  I’m sure you understand.  Because of what we do our pilots have their fair share of the “unusual.”  We’ll try to post what we can of their stories.

Enjoy your time and remember – Wherever you need to go, we’re there.

“Cal” Hopkins
Head Butt-Kicker, Dragonfly Exploration

((This blog will serve as the central spot for updates, PIREPs and “out of character” bits concerning this small charter flight group.   For more information, make sure to check out the “ABOUT” page.  What I’ve found the most fun of my time in FSEconomy is there not only a progression that occurs for you as a pilot but there is also a story that begins once you decide to own FBO’s and to begin a company.  Hope you enjoy the blog and my apparent addiction to screenshots and stories!  -Bryan ))


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